Sorted List of Characters

  Name First Appearance Stats Ability Level
Arlo Prologue
Arlo stats
Barrier 6.3
Blyke Chapter 1 Energy Beam 4.5
Crail Chapter 7 Strong Punch 2.4
Doctor Darren Chapter 4 Nightmare 4.2
Elaine Chapter 7 Healing 3.5
Gavin Chapter 2 Stone Skin 2.8
Headmaster Vaughn Chapter 28 Unknown Unknown
Hower Chapter 34 Heat Palm 2.1
Isen Chapter 1 Unknown 4.4
John Prologue Unknown Unknown
Krolik Chapter 24 Lazor 2.5
Lin Chapter 7 Needles 1.8
Mardin Chapter 1 Unknown Unknown
Remi Prologue Lightning 5.4
Seraphina Chapter 4 Unknown 8.0
Broven Chapter 14 Unknown Unknown
Gou Chapter 14 Super Strength 4.0
Rein Chapter 14 Arachnid 4.9
Ability Gauge Vendor Chapter 8 Ability Gauging 2.0
Leilah None Unknown Unknown
Levani Chapter 8 Grenadier 3.6
Nadia Chapter 28 Lie Detection Unknown
Seraphina's Mother Chapter 30 Unknown Unknown
X-Static Chapter 6 Unknown Unknown
W. H. Doe None Unknown Unknown

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